Greetings from Gerson

A tenacious and energetic business owner who enjoys educating people about film technology. The A-team has a sense of pride in installing film and the materials they use.

Early on

My name is Gerson Aguilar, wanted to start with I am the owner of Aguilar’s Film Team LLC, authorized dealer of CoolVu Film, with 24 years of experience working in the industry since I was 19 years old, I have mastered my craft where it is not about a brand but about the quality and experience from anything from a small job to a full project. I have clearance in many government projects around the country, also in schools and high-profile clients and agencies.  I have OSHA 30 and licenses to many lifts for extreme high projects in very delicates conditions. 


I made a choice in 2016 to start my own business as a contractor for many shops that offer many films which have given me experience with all types of products in our market, so I decided to choose CoolVu as a product of choice because of the film technology (transitional film), security films (specialist), benefits, and warranty.  With all the experience I have acquired through my working years I like to educate my clients about our products, process, and quality of installation so our clients would be confident about their investment. 

As I always say: “Let Us Be Your A-Team”